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Welcome to KLINE AFRICA LOGISTICS. Professional Clearing & Forwarding and Transport Services. Established in 2012 has continued to provide professional clearing and forwarding services to its clients. We also offer other important related services to our clients such as advise on preparation of final import/export related documents, completion of appraisement and examination formalities and payments.

We have experience in handling all sorts of imports and Exports whether temporary or on permanent basis cleared on payment of taxes, those covered by various bonds or on approved tax exemptions.


To provide reliable, efficient and quality service to our clients at all times with the aim of not only exceeding our client’s expectations, but ensuring that each time our service is better than the last.

Administrative Contacts

République Démocratique du Congo

26 Av. Maniema/Zone d'Ibanda Bukavu - Sud-Kivu /D.R Congo / Tel RDC: +243 970 000 000

Uganda Offices

Plot 26 Kawalya Kaggwa close, Kololo, Kampala /Tel UG: +256 753 59 30 65
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.